Ariel Winter posing as Mean Girls, 5 of the most iconic bitches in the history of TV and film – Cosmopolitan Magazine

The beautiful 18-year-old actress Ariel Winter has been called a lot of names by the social media, but never a mean girl until now. This time she shuts down all the body shamers while posing as 5 of the most iconic Mean Girls in the history of TV and film for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

these include Regina George from Mean Girls, Nancy Downs in The Craft, Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, Amber in Clueless and finally Heather Chandler in Heathers.

Ariel Winter cosmopolitan magazine

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Ariel Winter Ass in a thong white bikini Bahamas- twitter

Ariel Winter Ass in white bikini

Ariel Winter has been killing it lately, every day there is a new picture of her which is sexier than the last one.

This photo is from her official twitter account that she herself shared with her fans showing her perfect bikini body in a white thong bikini from her Bahamas trip.

and the second mystery tattoo is also revealed here.

Ariel Winter Ass in red swimsuit in Bahamas album


Ariel Winter strikes again, this time showing her tight body in a red swimsuit. the way her ass looks in these photos are just fantastic.

oh and you can see her new tattoo that she was teasing us so much about it.

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Ariel Winter – Bottomless showing off her new tattoo

Ariel Winter Bottomless Tattoo
Ariel Winter Bottomless Tattoo

As my official first post i have decided to go with the beautiful young actress “Ariel Winter”. She has gotten a couple of new tattoos and she just shared this beautiful picture of herself a few days ago with her fans showing her smooth legs and one of new tattoos.

I love this photo of her, she sure knows how to tease us.

can’t wait to see the rest of her tattoos…